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12/24/07 - XMAS 2007
WTF? No update for several months? So where the heck do I start? Lets see, I got married, things have been great, etc. So whats new? Lets see, the latest Canadian DMCA attempt has been squashed once again, for now. I got a new Canon Rebel XTi, so expect more nice pics in the gallery. Computer has went through vast upgrades since I last posted, more new toys, all of which can be found in the gallery as always. Firewall script has had some minor updates since. Lots of other things that I can't recall, but all good nonetheless. Learned the Toronto way of life, which I got used to rather quickly. Went to see Montreal cream the Toronto Maple Leafs at the ACC, yeah that was a blast. Even Leafs fans admit their team sucks. MLSE doesn't care as long as they pile in the dough as usual, which is typical. Long as a sucky team can still make record profits, nothing will change there, fans will always be raped on high ticket prices, etc. Okay enough ranting about Leafs. Lack of competition in Canada's cellfone marketplace really shows, seeing how I'm paying Teddy Robers about $120/mo now for 2 phones. Bell seems to have identical prices, and as usual, the CRTC doesn't give a shit that we have prices inline with third world countries for wireless, as it was them that allowed this to happen. Approved the Robers/Fido buyout? Pfft. Lots of things to rant about, but cant be bothered. So its Christmas again? Already? Wow. Time sure does fly, and it scares me to look back at where I was in life a year ago. Things sure can change very quickly, and I'm glad its for the better. So have a happy New Years my friends. :) --Spike

04/10/07 - It's April
Time has really been flying it seems. Things have been going really well so far. I've became quite comfortable with living in Toronto, thats a very big accomplishment after living in a small town all your life and having family around the whole time. I wonder how many Dairy Queen Blizzard's I've had so far... HEH. Never had the luxury of so many different food joints back home. Ahh, home.... do I miss it? sometimes, I don't miss the crap that always upset me however. I do miss my aunt (her sober side!), and her boyfriend however. Which leads me to my Grandmother and her Grandson... They never spoke to me since I left, and have been mad at me just because I left town to make a better life for myself. The rest of the family was happy for me, but not those two. It feels like they expected me to live in that town being down in the dumps all the time due to not getting anywhere in life. They should realize that if theres an opportunity to do better, one needs to take it, they should be proud of me. Its like they never wanted me to do anything with my life, and just wanted me to be there forever. But of course you have to take risks if you wanna get anywhere in life, and considering my knowledge and my field of expertise, small towns aren't gonna work out for the better of my life, period. Goose Bay is just a town of part time minimum wage clerk jobs and social assistance. Definitely not the place for a fulltime systems admin thats for damn sure. Whats to really miss of home?

02/26/07 - Changes
As everyone probably knows, I've moved to and been living in Toronto for the past month. I'm doing very well now and I'm more happy than I ever been before. My pals at ISOHunt treats me very well and I'm greatful to be a part of their team. So you can guess I been very busy hence why I haven't had time for much, but I have updated my firewall script once again, which can be found in its usual spot. I've upgraded my aging IDS for a proper Gallery2 also, so pictures just keep on coming. Last week I went on a very spectacular Niagara falls trip with Gary which I had a wonderful time, its the first time I seen the falls, and the helicopter ride I was on was simply amazing. There's just so much to see and do around the city, things I never had the opportunity to do back home. Its a really major change in my way of life, for the better. And its about time I say. :)

01/15/07 - Bill C-60
So once again the greedy corporate fatcats of America are trying to push their Canadian version of the DMCA, called Bill C-60. If they succeed, our fair use rights and freedom from restrictive DRM will be abolished, just like it is now in America. Constantly they try to push their American bullshit laws on Canadian soil. It's time to take a stand against this crap. This is the very same bill that Ex Liberal Heritage minister Sarmite Bulte tried to pass last year, but then an election was called. You probably remember all the financial contributions she got from the corporate giants, later resulting in a scandal. Apparently the PC party Heritage minister Bev Oda has now been bought out as well by corporate media interests. The only reason why I voted for PC last year is because of how the Liberals were in big media's pocket. Just goes to show that no matter who you vote for, the same shit ends up happening. The PC's are always going on about cutting government control over the enconomy, but then goes on and supports corporate welfare shit such as Bill C-60. Sucking up to the corporate media industry's bottom lines appears to be their only goal. This law would never be passed if there was some real Canadian interest. The CMCC coalition is proof of that. Its time to write to your MP's folks, this is gonna get dirty. We don't want Canada being turned into corporate America, where thousands of otherwise law abiding citizens get extorted out of thousands of dollars by the RIAA/MPAA-etc for simply downloading a few songs/tv shows, or getting your life ruined from lawsuits (or even jailed) all because you cracked the latest restrictive DRM C.R.A.P from Hollywood. The push for the ratification of the WIPO treaties are also a big argument for these stupid DMCA clone laws, but keep in mind WIPO is nothing more than a clever snide way for America to push their corporate vested interests worldwide. The DMCA has been nothing but a disaster in the United States since its inception, we can't let this disaster spread to Canada like it has to the European Union. The chilling effects are already being felt over there. (End Rant) Edit Jan 22nd: I thought it would make sense to add this article to the story as well. The real truth of the situation....

12/24/06 - Merry Christmas
Wow its that time of year, seems it came so quickly. Sorry for the lack of updates just been very busy these days, hanging out with the family a lot, and also had a 10 day vacation to Gibraltar. Lots of pics in the photo album of Gib and the Gib apes, was a sight to see, and I had a wonderful time there. Was nice being out of the deep freezer for a bit, hehe. So thats pretty much it, things have been well for me. I hope everyone out there has a happy Xmas and a wonderful new year. My new years resolution: Stop eating so much unhealthy foods! Make no wonder I ended up with gallstones. Brrr, I better go shut the darn window, I'm freezing here. Take care al! :D

10/23/06 - Computer Upgrades
I recently upgraded my system with a new DFI Lanparty SLI-DR Expert motherboard along with an EVGA Geforce 7900GTO. These cards are pretty much 7900GTX's for half the price and has very great performance that equals or surpasses any GTX card when its overclocked. I managed to get mine at 675core/750mem! The only real difference between GTO's and GTX's are the memory clocks, the core's themselves are full blown GTX's. They were originally intended to be GTX's except for the fact that the Samsung RAM used isn't as good or up to the task as the Infineon stuff now used on the current GTX cards. I been impressed by this setup so far. As always, the DFI Lanparty series is one heck of a nice overclockers board to overclock those picky Opteron CPU's with. I'm also able to push my memory frequency higher than ever with this board. Impressive. The features included with this board makes my old MSI board look like junk. Added some pictures of the new setup in the photo album too. :)

10/01/06 - Too Much For A Title
Yeah, I know, 2 whole months gone by and no updates. Its been a very busy 2 months. I been working at servers and other stuff. My birthday has passed a month ago, I'm now 25. It's been a decent birthday, I had a great friend buy me a Soundblaster X-Fi card, the family was there for me too and gave me some cash to stuff my face with. Hehe. The surgery a couple months ago went well. I have none of the issues I had before with pain, and on top of that, none of the nasty stuff that they say still remains for 30% of people after the Cholecystectomy. I also got myself a digital camera too a couple of weeks ago. I've been updating the photo album once again. Another great friend also sent me a nice overclocking Opteron 148 CPU which I really enjoy. 2800Mhz aint shabby at all.
I still never heard anything from chasingsol, aka my lost "friend", I doubt I ever will now. Just another so called friend who catches the woman syndrome and becomes a selfish betraying person that doesn't give a shit about anyone but himself and his woman. I thought this guy had a heart, but to be ignored like I am, goes to show he can really be hateful. Sure I say nasty things at times due to feeling hurt, but I did apologise to him and of all the times we exchanged words and both apologised, he decided to hate me over a woman. But he did this once before, its no surprise to see this repeat. Yup, way to go is all I say. Oh well, I have a lot of friends that treat me far better anyways. :)

08/02/06 - Gallstones And P2P-NET
Wow, what a nasty near 2 weeks. It all started the Saturday before last. I woke up that morning and suddenly had constant agonizing pain that kept going and would not go away. By the time Sunday came by, I was throwing up everything I eaten and could not keep anything down. Monday I got hospitalized. After 3 days of tests, catheters, IV's, needles, CT scans, ultrasounds, etc, I was diagnosed with gallstones. Apparently I been suffering this for the last 3 years as the pain was the same and I first had such attacks years ago although the pain went away hours later, but not this time. My pancreas had become inflamed and needed antibiotic treatment. After my diagnoses I was set to be sent off to St. Johns (Capital of this province) for a ERCP and surgery to remove the gallbladder. I left town on Sunday night, and came back Tuesday night. The surgery had no complications and I am now recovering. It was a laparoscopic procedure so they used 4 small incisions, so no big cuts. *whew* It was a long debacle of suffering but in the end it was worth it as they finally figured out what the heck was wrong with me and ended this for good. My stay at the St. Clares hospital was a good one and the doctors and nurses there treated me really good. See, Canada's health care does not suck so bad afterall. This was my first time ever in an O.R. so it was a very strange experience. Heh.
In other news, me and my longtime friend had some nasty differences and parted our ways, kinda still suffering an aftermath from that but there isn't anything I can do as I told him I was sorry so theres just no use anymore. He made his choice I guess. This all relates directly to the P2P-IRC->P2P-NET debacle incase anyone is wondering. The IRC network will continue on as usual and I am still with the rest of the staff and will remain there. Afterall, this is a network I helped start as well. I thank the rest of the staff who put so much effort into keeping the place running and am very greatful for all their help. The network could not remain without you! :)

07/01/06 - It's July!
Wow the summer is really passing fast. Been doing good lately, for once. A new firewall script has been released. Hopefully soon I can begin work on better documentation and full syntax checking for the config file. New things in this release is a new config file setup, and some more failsafe features and other useful stuff that wasn't in the last version. I've also updated my desktop page and added that modified Audacious skin that use. Hope everyone will have a happy July. Take care. :)

06/18/06 - Other Stuff
Aside from the latest drama with IRC and problems with family I been starting to do rather well again. I've also updated my desktop page so make sure to look at whats new. Lately I've been busy doing more contractual type work for people and been doing rather well with it too. Anyhow not much else important has happened other than my departure from P2P-IRC. I hope everyone there realizes that I just had to get away for the better of my stress related problems. The past few months were basically hell so I just have to move onto other things. I hear about people saying they miss me and stuff, but these same people never bother even messaging me on MSN or AIM, yet they know I am always there to talk to them. Oh well, thats life I suppose.

05/09/06 - End Of An Era
I've officially called it quits with my involvement as a P2P-IRC netadmin. IRC is just too much drama for me to cope with anymore. The last month has not been pretty and just being there started to stress me out. Sure I've quit before and took a break and went back, but it wasn't long before the stress levels got the best of me again and I began to snap at people once more. They have good admins that know their stuff so losing me isn't going to be that big of a loss. I have vowed to keep my server (reliant), linked to the network even tho I am not there anymore, as that was my gift to them. I feel bad I had to make such a decision but its for the benefit of my health more then anything else. Yeah I know most of you will say Janet got the best of me, I admit much of that wouldn't be lying, it has (thanks a lot Janet!), it really has wrecked me. Lately just being there hasn't been fun at all, too much bickering and me being stressed over things isn't going to make the place any better thats for sure. There are also other problems I have that I just rather not disclose, mainly personal life. Who knows what might happen in the future. I have a lot of recovering to do. :|

04/07/06 - Tolerance Is Pain
Love sucks... simply put.
"Let's take a blast to the moon baby - I sit around wishing you well - how I'm craving you, yeah!, Every time I'm near you - I always wanna swallow you down - I'll be right here if ya' need me, In my life - I'll need you here - don't ask why - I'll never disappear - why is it everyday that I feel the pain?, Let's take a trip to the stars far away - where were you when I was down? - Staring into the dead, my pain is caused by my pleasure - my soul mate lives in your body - I can't get you out of my head, *It never goes away|*, In my life I'll need you here - don't ask why - I'll never disappear - In your eyes you can bid me farwell - but don't ever try to *understand the situation* - why is it everyday that I feel the pain?, It always comes when I least expect it when I'm looking for love always seem to be regretting it, Why is it everyday that I feel the pain?" / Godsmack - Moon Baby
Pfft... just add this as another chapter of my crappy life.

03/29/06 - Quad Opteron Server
I been very busy lately, and recently we bought ourselves a brand new quad AMD Opteron server at JCHost. This thing is a BEAST and can compile the Linux kernel in a minute! It's amazed us. After a few days of off and on work configuring CentOS 4.3, the server is finally live and is working great! My boss put the server together himself and has it colocated in Kansas City. Also about 2 weeks ago I setup a single Opteron server for a clients CounterStrike Source daemons. So yup, I been busy, and also have plenty of things going on in life as well, little bit of bad, and a whole lot of good as well. Now I need to figure out a great April fools joke to play on my boss... :-)

02/06/06 - Price Fixing
I been reading the news lately and I noticed the headline about how Hynix got nailed almost $800M for price fixing with executives serving some jail time for doing it. Now, my main problem with this is, why the hell is the RIAA still getting away with continued artifically inflated compact disc prices? You may remember back around 2003 that the RIAA plead guilty to price fixing. The result was a paltry $67M in fines along with $76M worth of compact discs that pretty much cost them nothing at all, as it was found out that the majority of these disks were unwanted product that didn't sell. So basically the RIAA gave out dud disks that weren't worth anything to the public either. Now, what drives me really mad is that after all this, the RIAA has never learned a thing and has continued to keep CD prices inflated higher then ever before. Now, very recently, the DOJ has announced that it is investigating the RIAA for price fixing again! You're probably thinking... YAY, but the investigation involves not CD's, but ONLINE music sales! I mean WTF! How can the DOJ just ignore the price fixed CD's and talk about online download price fixing? If this isn't enough proof about the RIAA being up congresses ass then what is! Along with the little slap on the wrist that the RIAA gets compared to the big corporate crime reputation of Hynix along with jailtime for the execs. The RIAA sucks, no doubt about it, and they have the Bush Administration on their payroll. Maybe Hynix and the other DRAM companies should take a page out of the RIAA's business guidebook next time.

01/29/06 - My Sister Sucks
I'm in a pissy mood today, my Mom has been out in Alberta because my sister wanted her to go out there, now that my mother has a job out there, my sister demands that she pay her $700 a month plus babysit her darn kids fulltime to board with her. Thats complete bullshit. How is my mother going to get a place of her own if she has to give all her money to my asshole sister! If mom wasnt there, my sister would have to pay a babysitter. She said to Mom crap like its only fair you pay that much, and consider yourself lucky and other bullshit. Me and my sister have never gotten along, and it dates back to being children. She treated me like a bitch ever since I've known her. If your reading this Natasha, Fuck you. I know I been bad growing up in life, but I have been awfully giving to my mother and would never ever do anything like that to her. EVER! I hope my mom's boyfriend does something about this bullshit once he gets out there in Feburary...

01/11/06 - New Year, New Server
Been a while since I've updated this site but now its time. First of all I hope everyone has had a happy new year and stuff. The last few days or so I been really busy working on the new JCHost webserver where my site is also hosted and I finally gotten everything moved over from the old server and configured just how I want them. To finish things off, if anyone out there has not ever seen Fromage 2005 on Much Music then they definately should do so. I laughed my ass off all through it, it was very enjoyable. Do a search on Mininova for it. Take care. :)

10/11/05 - Getting Back On Track
Yup, I've moved! Moved in with my aunt and things are alot better for me. I'm finally getting my nerves back into shape. She lets me keep more money too! It must have been almost a month now since I moved, its taken me a nice while to recover from the serious depression. I still have a ways to go but I'm finally becoming my old self again. Living in that other place really wrecked me badly. Someday I still hope for my mom to come back. Guess I can keep dreaming, maybe it'll happen I dunno. In other good news, I released a big update to my firewall script. Should be alot easier to understand now. I worked for hours on this. Enjoy! :-)

07/20/05 - Struggling
Theres days I am just so sad I don't know what to do. It varies from day to day. Some days I can cope, others I just cant and want to go back with mom. Things are just so difficult right now. It may get better in the future but I don't know. The people I live with keep trying to make me happy but it seems to be a lost cause at times. I been wanting to go back with mom but then I wonder if things will be better down there. I guess I will see what happens. Right now I just don't know. My moods keep changing. :/

07/15/05 - Power Cores
This has been bugging me for months, and is why I hate these arguments about who is the blame and in the end a bug not getting fixed or an attempt even made to fix it. UT2004's Power cores are supposed to look like this, not like this on NVIDIA hardware. As the owner of a 6800GT video card, I expect my graphics to look proper and not crap. This problem stems from the NVIDIA Linux drivers supporting only 4 TMU's in the fixed function multitexturing pipeline, while ATI's Linux drivers support 6. Now, the sad part is that both parties, Ryan Gordon (icculus) blames NVIDIA for the problem, and NVIDIA blames Ryan Gordon. Meaning that this will never get fixed which is highly frustrating. A similar problem exists with Jeorg Shilling (author of cdrecord) and the Linux Kernel developers. Another problem exists with the Cedega developers and NVIDIA developers in regard to an unbearable flickering screen with AA enabled in Valve Source based games. These situations suck because the problem is usually simple and in the end it doesnt get fixed. So in the end the user is the loser in these situations. I wish they would get their act together.

07/09/05 - Moving Along
Calypso I wanna grab you and give you a big hug right now! *muah*! Meh how I hate being so independant now. I no longer live at home and I miss my mom bigtime. I guess this had to happen someday since I could not live with her forever. She moved to Nova Scotia and I refused to go. Mainly because I would not get any support down there. Now I live in this place where I don't really like it due to so many kids and noise. Sometimes I wonder what I am ever going to do. On top of that my bike got stolen because I'm too goddamn nice and lent it to someone who foolishly stayed out all night with it and left it outside some house. Also at times I feel so depressed its not even funny anymore. Life goes on I guess, hopefully someday my dreams will come true, until then I will probably keep struggling. Oh well, I guess I have to get on my own 2 feet. *sigh*

07/03/05 - More Pics
I've uploaded some more pics in the photo album today. Some of myself and some of my pets and other things, including my new Athlon 64 machine. Hope ya enjoy them. :)

06/29/05 - 2 Years Later
Its been 2 years since Snowie and it all is still so plain in my thoughts. I never knew I could miss anyone as bad as her, but I have been unable to stop the thoughts from hurting me. Sometimes I ever call her name to myself out loud while theres nobody else around. It's just so hard to let things go knowing it was my Aspergers Syndrome that caused us to lose eachother. Each passing day I had to watch myself fall further away from her, and now there is nothing left but pain and hurt. I wish things could of been different but they cant be. In the end we couldn't even get along as friends and I lost the privledge of being let into her life as well. This has been hurting me for way too long and I really don't see no end in sight. I know the relationship we had is dead but I really never wanted to lose her as a friend and I hope things can be brought back to a close friendship someday. Being broken hearted sucks.

06/07/05 - Truffle Troubles
Ya know, It really hurts me when people use me then give me the finger. Thats about what the situation between me and Truff boils down to. This is someone that supposingly cared about me but really never gave a damn about me in the end. I have my fair share of problems but nobody but my real friends seem to ever understand them. So what does she do to me in the end? Well, this person that was supposed to be a friend does nothing but ignore me and her team of friends hate me too. I wonder how many UT servers I helped this woman setup, I wonder how much UNIX command line assistance I gave this girl, hours upon hours worth of my time, given to her, because I thought she was a friend. Really, you do good things for friends right? Thats what I thought. I first met this woman at least 2 years ago, probably when her UT community was in its infancy stages. I really liked her, thought she was a nice person, tried to help her in any way I could, even offered to be her Linux admin if she would of gotten rid of her pesky Windows servers. So you might ask, why does this still bother me? Well when people dislike me, it really hurts me, I would try to do anything I could to repair any damage but this case seems quite impossible. Is this what you get because you have problems dealing with anger? Is this what a person that has so much trouble in his own life deserves? Why not think about that. Maybe someday this will leave my thoughts for good and maybe then I can sleep better, until then it will continue to bother me.

04/15/05 - Life Is Busy
Blogging I must do, I never do enough lately so I will post what I have on my mind regularly, or try to anyways. Quite a bit has been going on in my life lately, and I am feeling alot better. The doctors have put me on Haldol, to try and calm my annoying tics caused by Tourettes Syndrome, well, its been helping me alot, the tics are nowhere near as bad and I'm beginning to realize that I should of done this years ago. I guess that shows just how stubborn I can really be. I'm still taking meds for my depression, which seem to be helping, tho some things do still bother me at times, but I guess things in life cant be perfect anyways. I now work at a webhosting company in my spare time and I now also host my site there too which is great. My duties include running a few Linux based servers, and I also host some CounterStrike Source gameservers, which is cool considering I have alot of spare time and I finally put it to good use. If anyone wants a game of Counterstrike Source with us they can visit our site at SuprNova-CSS. Yep, I been part of the SuprNova crew for a while now, which is also cool, because its nice to be in such a great community which respects my supportive skills as a Linux geek and also loves me to death and back, unlike Truffs. I also help run the IRC servers for the SuprNova community, now known as P2P-NET IRC. So yeah, I have been extremely busy, and doing plenty of work in my spare time, which makes me hardly bored anymore. :)

02/14/05 - Slackware Goodies
Wow, a new year, and alot of new goodies. Slackware 10.1 has been released, and I have been very busy lately with various things, hence why I let my website decay a bit. Hehe. Anyways I released a NPTL glibc package for Slackware 10.1, seems its doing well, people are using it, as I have been for the last couple of weeks or so without any problems at all. NPTL support in Slackware was really needed since the Cedega emulator runs best with NPTL support. I'm proud to create the package to make this possible. Feel free to grab it from my Packages directory below if you're interested. Now I'm just waiting on Nvidia to release new Linux drivers. :)
Oh, and Happy Valentines Day! :D

Merry Xmas everyone!

Okay, that sucked, friday my DSL modem kicked the bucket. So its only this tuesday I got a replacement come in. I got my new nforce2 based ASUS board on monday and I'm very pleased with its performance over my old kt400 based board. I'm seeing at least 40% improvement in everything, including system responsiveness. Also I'm running at 400mhz FSB too. Woo. :-)

The GeForce 6800GT is now in my possession, its such a powerful card, and I am proud to actually get the benefit of owning one. ATI's Linux support is complete crap and so I now FINALLY get rid of those worries and endless hair pulling nights of frustration. nVidia's Linux support exists, and the driver developers actually listen to my bug reports and fixes them! Anyone that uses Linux and wants some great 3d rendering should try and get their hands on one of these expensive cards! In other news, I'm currently waiting on reciept of a new Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe motherboard, so then I can milk every last bit of performance I can out of this aging Socket A system. :)

Argh I just noticed my photo album is broken again. The imagemagick developers always manage to break something. It should be fixed and working sooner or later. For now you have to view the full original sizes to actually see the pictures. Update: Sep16, Fixed

Guess what? Finally! A new SpikeNAP has been released! No I never gave up! It's been about 8 months now since I last released a script. Hopefully the fixes in this one do alot of good. I did many touchups, and some of them arent even included in the ChangeLog. Anyways, I hope you enjoy it and I shall keep releasing more. :-)

Completed some major site updates. Fixed much of the code, enhanced alot of it too. Well it's August already, fall is near, and my birthday is too. 23, I must be getting old. Anyhow I been around and been doing decently with most stuff. Updated the firewall script yet again. Other then that I just been taking things easy or trying to. So not really much new these days. Oh and guess what? You probably guessed it, ATI once again released their Linux drivers. Version 3.11.1 is where its at now. The drivers have improved some, but the only speed gain is what they lost ever since their transition from 3.2.8 (which is the driver I still use btw). ATI still sucks. Go out and buy a nVidia card, since soon the DOOM3 Linux binaries will be released and ATI is *NOT* ready at all. Anyhow until next time. :)

Wow 2 months and I havent updated at all. Well now is time. Lately I have been just relaxing, afterall its been a great summer and all. My firewall scripts have gone through a few changes and quite a few enhanced fixes so people that use them are free to update them. Also something new, I've started building Slackware 10 packages. Yup, Slack 10 has been out a short time now and I've updated the machine. These are packages I'm also submitting to the LinuxPackages site. Things have been very good for me lately and I'm alot happier nowadays then I ever was a couple months ago and prior. :)

ATI updated their Linux drivers yet again. Or "updated" I should say. Yes, they suck yet again! I'm tired of getting mad over the situation, it gets us Linux users nowhere with them. They keep releasing crap. On the other hand I spose having an arm and sniper rifle in UT that looks like this can be considered funny. Oh, the shadows of other players looks like a hidden feature. Ahh well, on the other hand, please dont bother with ATI's 3.9.0 trash. :-)

Updated the firewall scripts some today, fixed up the QoS packet uplink shaper script as well. Not much else I been doing really, except chillin. Been feeling soso I spose. Thats better then bad I guess. I should have a new SpikeNAP out eventually, been making a few changes here and there since from what I see there is still some demand for the blurdy thing. Also I updated TekNap-1.4u so it now compiles with the latest pesky GCC 3.4.0 compiler. (Gah that thing breaks alot of old programs!) Anyhow thats about all I did for now. :P

I swear the world is getting worse. Or is it that John Ashcroft of the United States DOJ is on crack? Seems so. But regardless its lovely to see that copyright infringement has more priority then the fight against preventing terrorism and busting kiddie porn. They are raiding peoples machines all over the world now. It really sucks how every government has turned to the pockets of the entertainment industry. Our future seems to be without rights of any kind. As long as the BSA/RIAA/MPAA have anything to do with it anyways. They are using the US tax payers money to fight for their deep pockets by busting otherwise harmless people that wouldn't hurt anyone. Remember, organizations like the BSA/RIAA/MPAA do not pay taxes. The people pay taxes, and using the FBI for their own financial gain is your tax dollars at works folks. So something seriously has to be done. There is no real hard proof that there are any losses incurring from file swapping online, even to this day. Tax dollars should be put to better use with the FBI, such as continued efforts to prevent airplanes from crashing into buildings. Piracy is a threat to innocent people and must be stopped. :-|

Hey I'm still here, just nothing much has been happening lately. I just been playing alot of UT and UT2004 these days as well as spending time with friends. So I'm fine. Eventually I'm going to release another SpikeNAP script but its gonna be a while since I just taking my time on everything these days. Doing to much at once usually stresses me out and that really sucks. Anyways its been over a month since I've put something here so just incase anyone is wondering then they no longer need to wonder. Hehe. :-)

We'll ATI failed us again. After waiting yet another 2 long months, we got nothing but crappy drivers that don't even work. My advice to everyone is to NOT download their 3.7.1 drivers and take whatever money you have and go and buy a Nvidia card, since they have the drivers to back their cards up with. It seems ATI is kissing Microsucks butt in the ways the're not making any decent progress with their Linux drivers. Well its pretty possible since they are doing the graphics for the XBOX2 640x480 *gasp* console. ATI are also showing off their new hardware under NDA's at CeBIT so I guess they just don't care about us Linux users anymore. Kudos go to ATI for releasing such garbage drivers. See the rants page if you wanna see my anger tawords ATI and their crappy attitudes and drivers. *sighs* :(
Update: 03/17/04 - ATI fails us yet again, the new 3.7.6 drivers suck goat. Repeat from above. >:|

Well I'm back once again. Done some site updates, added my custom desktop fluxbox theme for everyone to download. I've wrote this theme sometime awhile back since I like to have alot of darkness on my desktop. They are for the fluxbox window manager development version, and will not work with the old versions. Also included are the matching GTK themes that go along with it. All my screenshots can be seen in the the Album section of the site. I'm sure many have seen them already as it is. I get loads of praise. :-)

Incase anyone is wondering where I'm at, I'm taking a very long break. I need some time away since I have other things I need to deal with that are important to me. I don't really want to be around anywhere right now so I hope everyone understands. Yes I'm doing fine, just that I need time to myself. Just too much going on right now and I'm not much of a multitasker at certain personal situations. I'll be back again soon I hope. If not then I wont be too far away anyhow. And I do not want to be bothered by anyone, so please give me some space. You can email me if its urgent.

Okay, we have the RIAA saying they are against porn on P2P nets, oh really? First off, we have Madonna and Britney slut Spears frenching on a stage. Now we have Janet Jackson exposing her tittie on live network television during Superbowl halftime. Thing is, both of these incidents, MTV was involved. I dont think thats a coincidence at all. Its been staged, no matter what Justin Timberfake would want you to believe. Here is the crazy video of it. Right click to download and save it since my uplink isnt good enough to stream it on the fly. Yes this is funny, so here it is to enjoy. JanetBoob.avi. A high resolution pic is also here.

As everyone probably already noticed, yes I have a new domain name, spykes.net! This means that I no longer have to depend upon free dns providers or crummy subdomains anymore. It's amazing what friends can do for one they really care about. Yes you know who you are too. :)

New SpikeNAP has been released, unfortunatly this will be the last one, unless I find anymore need to keep developing it. I haven't had much time to work on it anymore since I just been involved with too many other things these days, and I haven't been feeling too good either. So I hope everyone understands. Mainly this is just a trivial fix release, stuff I fixed when I was bored, so I decided it was time to release these small changes to everyone rather then just keep them to myself. Anyways I hope everyone that uses the script enjoys it. I've also added css stylesheet support to my site and changed the colour tone to a more pretty blue along with some other small things. Hope everyone likes it, mehe. :-)

Sorry I haven't updated for a while, but I figure since I been messing with the site more I will. I've finally made the site frameless, I've even learned some php in the process too! It now runs with a combination of php, html and some tables. Took me quite a while to figure out how it all works but it certainly showed itself in the end. Now hopefully people wont go calling me some n00b now that I've finally dumped the frames. Let's just say a n00b cannot go coding a website in just a few hours with php, html and tables. Yes I have the skills, and I proved it! :-) In other news, the RIAA has filed another 500 or so lawsuits. Even tho CD sales were up, they still feel the need to sue everyone. It's eventually going to nail their coffen shut, they are obviously running outta time, and there isnt a way to save an old outdated business model. You have to replace it with something better folks. The RIAA is going to lose.

So, the RIAA are reporting once again that their sales figures have risen. When are these idiots ever going to get the picture that P2P file sharing is NOT causing sales declines? Rather then seeing the very light of day all they want to do is go around suing everyone. Now the BPI in the UK, and the CRIA in *Canada* want to do the same crap. As well as they all want to stuff a DMCA like law down our throats here in Canada as well. Sometimes I wonder if this crap will come to an end so we can all finally get our stolen freedoms back. Screw them, I'm so sick and tired of all their lies and propaganda they enjoy spreading to the mass media. So the economy is rising, so CD sales rise too. Wow I can even figure this out myself that the economic slump caused the sales decline! Now all the RIAA needs to do is find their clue or get someone with a cluestick to slap it into their head. A great story is here at the register if anyone wants to view more of whats going on. To show your support, please visit boycott-riaa.

Fixed up the site menu frame, added some javascript php to make the frames fully linkable. Fixed some trivial errors and other stuff that I found to be out of line. Hope all is working good. In other news, its the last day of 2003. I hope everyone has lots planned for the big party most are going to have tonight. Things here have been okay, I been feeling a bit better and stuff, hopefully again I can stay like this. Sometimes I feel lonely but as such thats normal. I have alot of friends that enjoy cheering me up when I need it most. Thanks to them for all their support, I surely would not of made it this far without them. You know who you are guys! (and gals). Happy new year everyone! 2004 here we come! :D And oh, I should add this for those who enjoy my rants. ATI your latest linux drivers (version 3.7.0) suck ass! You let us down again ATI!! Bah you guys suck!

Just letting everyone know that I aint' gone nowheres. I'm still around doing various stuff, like recovering from everything else et all. I hope to release an updated SpikeNAP sometime soon. I havent stopped development *yet*. Probably never will until OpenNap eventually dies. But anyways, hopefully that never happens for a long time to come. In other things I been just very lazy lately, alongside bored, lonely and other things usually just drag me down in the mud. But thats life, it moves on, and I wont be going anywheres.

I've opened up port 81 again, since so many people think my site is down just because they cant get it when they try port 81. For those that dont know, the site has been listening on port 80 for at least a few months now. Nobody has changed their links, so I opened up 81 in addition once again. :P

Phewwww... After me hosing my whole system in an angry distrupted outrage, I finally got everything back in order. I dont think I ever felt so stupid before, anyone that would wipe all of his drives just because of problems with an ex girlfriend is kind of challenged somewhere along the line. I donno, I'm finally sorting myself it seems, not letting things bother me like I have been, hopefully I can stay that way. Remember, rm -rf / sucks. Dont do it, on a reiserfs based system such as mine, it is instant, theres no turning back. I let myself learn a lesson.

Okay, you really think I could stay away? Hell no, but just give me some room for now and I'll be just fine. I just need more things to do and stuff, since thats my problem here. When I'm bored I often think about things I shouldnt, and that really drags me into the mudd. Sorry all. In other news, I seriously think ATI's new Linux drivers suck. Version 3.2.8 sucks! C'mon ATI!

The last version of SpikeNAP released is broken for *NIX users. This is because I was tired and did not think twice before converting the files to a DOS format to help the windows users with notepad. Please do NOT use notepad to edit the files, use wordpad or ultraedit32 instead! *NIX users can run the program "dos2unix filename" on their SpikeNAP files to fix them. Or they can redownload the zipfile. The dos2unix method works fine for me. PLEASE report problems!

New SpikeNAP version finally released, few changes and other stuff added, you get the idea. Never released a script for about a month or so now, but its finally here now anyways. :) Please view the CHANGELOG file for recent changes.

I totally redid the whole site navigation stuff, the pages should load properly now for those of you that were having lots of problems going back and forth navagating around my site. Hopefully the problems are corrected now, email me if there is any issues. :) UPDATE: Yes I fixed the caching problems too now, hopefully it works right now! :P

I finally installed IDS, its a little slow tho, but it should be much faster once I get my new machine up and running. I also did some slight apache tweaking, got all my CGI scripts to work correctly once again, bah perl is such a mess! I havent been doing much else these days except spending some time with my friends. I should be releasing a SpikeNAP update pretty soon as well. I think my ISP finally fixed the DSL problems I been having as well, seems to be pretty stable now compared to what it was. For those of you who are having problems compiling TekNap with GCC 3.3 or better, then I updated my 1.4u release to fix this. That can be found in the TekNap download section.

Woohooo!! What a miracle this is! spyke.sytes.net is back online with a real connection! Now I just hope everyone will realize that the site is back up since It hasent been up steadily for freakin months! Now I just have to get some sorta dedicated machine built too... I also need to get some sleep, this person is very very tired right now. :(

Some web page information. BitchX, OpenNap, TekNap, and the popular Microsuck section is back up on the site. I've added a Unreal Tournament download section to the site as well. I also put photo's of my recent trip to England for all to view, hope you like them. And yes, someday I will install IDS, I need a connection to get the software first. Webalizer and MRTG arent working yet, since I havent gotten off my tired arse yet. Other then that I hope to keep this thing updated more then I have been before. :)

Still no DSL yet, but the order has been processed, just now waiting to recieve my modem kit and stuff. I'm also in the process of upgrading my system to an Athlon XP with a 333Mhz frontside bus. It's going to be a Barton core CPU, what I can afford will affect how fast it will be. I want to get a Barton around a 2500+ anyways. I should have all those parts around sometime in September, since money is tight here.

They finally got DSL in this town, which means that I dont have to deal with those idiots at the cable company anymore. Thank god for that. Anyone with Aliant Telecom for their telephone company should consider them before considering anyone else in their area. At $34.95 a month, with $19.95 for the first 2 months for a 1500/640 DSL line without the lame cable restrictions, you wont be dissipointed. They have 3000/640 ultra for $30 bucks more too! Someday I hope to get my personasucks.com domain so I can really show my hate to the cable company. They deserve it for their high ripoff prices, horrible attitudes, constant lies to subscribers, and capped service that totally sucks.

Oh look, a new SpikeNAP version has been released. I been working on the script here and there since I had a little more time to my boring myself lately. Nothing else to do but wait for internet. I fixed some bugs and stuff, I also added a changelog as well so people can now see what the heck I'm doing between releases rather then get all frusterated with using their "diff" commands every time I release a new version of the script. :P~

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