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Here we go, people love my rants, so I finally decided to make a page. :-)

Creative Technology [04/10/07]
Creative, its been 2 fucking years since the X-Fi soundcards have been released yet there is still no Linux drivers! Why? Because you dipshits wont release any specs to ALSA. Heck, maybe you been threatening to sue them as well considering their total lack of any attempt at getting this card working, not to mention total silence on any reference to Linux at all. Whats more, is that you promised drivers in the second quarter of 2007. Well it still hasn't happened yet. Honestly I don't think its going to either. The ALSA guys are acting funky in regards to even wanting to support this sound chip even. Yeah, I do know someone who wrote a working ALSA snd-emu20k1 module, and they submitted the code to ALSA, but ALSA is showing some reluctance into writing an official driver out of it. Hell they won't even mention anything about receiving any such code. So whats the deal here? You guys obviously got something to hide and are not telling the community. Are Creative actively preventing ALSA from supporting this card period? Beyond just not providing any datasheets, threat of lawsuits maybe? The EMU20k1 DSP is said to share a number of similarities to the older EMU10k1/2's of last generation and isn't all that revolutionary at all. Theres obviously far more to this story than whats out there at the moment. Bottom line, Creative sucks bigtime, and doesn't deserve your money after the shit they been pulling, especially with Linux and also the false advertising of 24bit Crystalizer, etc.

Microsoft [04/10/07]
Wow, another Microsoft rant, who would of thought. This one is for their bullying of Epic Games into charging for new Gears Of War content that they release on Xbox Live. For years we've known Epic to give their loyal fans lots of freebies long after the game has been published. Face it, Epic loves their fans, they been there for us through the Unreal years and beyond. Sadly ever since the Xbox 360 came along, Microsoft is trying to turn them into a console machine, and sadly it seems to be working. Microsoft is doing what they do best, milking profits in every way possible. The Xbox 360 is nothing but a locked down profit machine that Microsoft is trying to monopolize gaming with. Pay $400 for the console, $60 per game, $60 a year just to PLAY ONLINE, and then you have to pay extra for downloadable content for a game you purchased on top of all that? That just shows total lack of respect for us fellow gamers. Microshit should be proud that gamers are using their platform, but no, they insist on milking as much as possible even when game developers want to publish addon content for free nonetheless. Paying $60 a year just to play online is bad enough. PC gamers take all of this for granted, and Epic gives PC gamers lots of goodies long after the sale, not to mention the massive amount of great user created content, ALL FOR FREE! Microsoft still has a lot to learn it appears. They are also trying to pawn an Xbox Live like service for Windows, yeah, we'll see how that goes, what a joke. Shame on you!

MPAA [02/26/06]
My first rant in over a year, here goes! Okay, we all know who the MPAA is, suing everyone they can possibly sue. These assholes continue to use the legal system to get whatever they want, and its only getting worse. Now they are suing bittorrent search engines that actually COMPLY with the DMCA. How the heck can they sue complaint sites? That I have no idea, and my buddies at ISOHunt have no idea either. That piece of shit Dan Glickman seems to make up his own rules as he goes along, just like how the RIAA is saying that its now unlawful to rip your legally bought compact disks to your portable mp3 player. I smell bullshit, and the rest of the public smells it too. When will these assholes ever give up! That we do not know, probably when they drive themselves into the ground. They refuse to realize that they cannot stop P2P technology. The same technology that the internet as we know it is built upon. Stupidity...

Yes you deserve another one! You keep us waiting for decent Linux drivers and you release version 3.7.1 thats dead on arrival! I was messing around for hours fixing my machine from your crappy release! X would not start, and it totally messed my framebuffer console and I had to reboot to fix it! Ever since you idiots taken your driver development from Germany to Canada your progress has gone totally downhill and all you been releasing was garbage! I wish you guys would wake up in the real world and release something worth using! You guys make great hardware, yet your driver support for both Linux and *gasp* Windows sucks! Nvidia is always the better choice when it comes to graphics cards! They may not be as powerful as your hardware, but they do have the driver support to back their cards up! All you guys are caring about is kicking Nvidia's butt with your latest chipset, signing NDA's to people can drool over your new hardware at CeBIT, and not giving a crap about us Linux users wanting a decent driver so we can play our games properly! In 4 months you haven't accomplished anything, nothing, nil, zero! My next graphics card is going to be from Nvidia for sure! ATI you guys need to hire some real driver developers and get with the darn program! Until then you will always suck!

Here is another piece of trash company that is doing nothing but causing all us Linux users problems in the world today. SCO blows, put it that way as simple as its said. These jerks are suing IBM accusing them of violating their Unix copyrights by saying the Linux kernel has code that they own contained in it. They are lying their butts off since their old crap version of Unix is no longer making money since its a useless piece of trash that Linux can outperform 100 times over! And we all know Linux is free where SCO Unix is expensive useless trash thats years old. Heck, even SCO uses Linux to run their own site. Oh lets not forget Caldera was a Linux distro from these litigious bastards. Yeah they used to support Linux at onetime. Stupid hypocrites. So now we have everyone hating their butts, packeting their webpage offline, and other trash like writing Microsuck woims and virii to assist in attacking their piece of FUD webpage. For one that doesnt make us Linux users look too good either. But SCO is asking for it all anyways. This is a company thats running out of money and they are trying to cheat their way to earn royalties off us Linux users, attempting to use the legal system to get there. I say boycott these idiots and hopefully trash like this will just disappear someday. Darl McBride you can go die okay? We will not miss you!

This is probably one of the most dirtiest outfits the world has ever seen to this day and age. Wanna know why I hate these idiots? No, this has nothing to do with the fact that I use Linux and wanna bash Microsoft. It is the fact that how this company works. They buy, steal, and copy peoples ideas to get where they are. They overprice their bugridden security vuln ridden Windows OS. With anything Microsoft, privacy doesnt exist. This doesnt even include all the worms, virii and other spyware/malware that is so easy to infect your Windows OS with these days. One of the biggest reasons why I cannot stomache this outfit is because of their treatment tawords the opensource world, their treatment of Linux, their strongarming rabid lawyers they sick on innocent people for stupid things like having the name Mike Rowe and registering MikeRoweSoft.com. Yes, the poor guy had to give up his domain because he didnt wanna have to pay for a court battle. Microsoft accused him for trademark infringement. Its retarded, this world is really messed up when you got big idiot companies strongarming the small and innocent. He was only 17 years old for crying out loud! Now, I really get sick of how they say their software has a lower cost of ownership and other such crap compared to the opensource counterparts. Anything to con people into buying their trash. Ya know, everytime a major company or something wants to go to Linux, Microsoft is on their knees with a deal that they sucker the company into so they wont dump the Windows piece of crap operating system. Microsoft sucks, hence Microsuck!

Also known as the Recording Industry Arseholes of America, or whatever the heck they wanna call themselves. These idiots have so many clones around the world that pretty much lick their butts and copy their ways. This group thinks they can stop file sharing by going around suing the very same hands that feeds them. I mean come on, would you wanna go buy their crap if you were treated like a criminal? Heck no, these idiots can go die, I can go buy a nice big pizza for the $30 bucks that they ask for a piece of fragile plastic with paper inside it that only costs a quarter to make. Yeah, so now they have their idiots here in Canada and the UK wanting to sue everyone as well, lets see how long this is going to last, they sue a few people, then eventually the customers will backlash, and then the courts will tell the RIAA/BPI/CRIA where to go. I have the best hopes set on the brits over there, they tend to not put up with any crap, I'm sure they aint ever gonna take the RIAA's gutter trash either, since record sales in the UK were strong, and lets not forget that they basically rape the brits with their high value of exchange rate. The RIAA can go die, they can just go eat crap and die, if they dont run out of cash first. RIAA can suck it!

Here is another big piece of junk company that needs their headquarters blown off the face of the earth. (Thats if one actually knows where these bimbo's are even located.) This silly outfit goes around sniffing filesharing networks and peoples httpd/ftpd servers looking for copyrighted meterial by filename and filesize. Sounds pretty lame right? Well it definatly is screwed up beyond repair. These idiots dont even download the file, just sniff out the name, size, and thats it, it then gets fired off to your ISP and then your ISP gets on your arse for sharing copyrighted meterial when they have no real damn truth on the matter if you did or not. It's so easy to make fake files and share them, I hope the heck someone does this, gets sued and countersues for millions just because their idiot bots cant get things straight here. Yes, these crapheads think they are above the law, can scan your private ftp and ranges of subnets looking for stuff to login to and scan. Someday this company's CEO needs to be hung on a piece of CAT5 cable and left to die, simply because hes a gay man without a life that thinks he can go around acting like an internet policeman. Screw you BayTSP!

Yes, this is the same ATI Tech that makes the great video cards with the most craptacular drivers the world has ever seen! Their Linux drivers suck, thier WIN32 drivers suck too from what I hear. Every release they promise they are going to get better, but damn they dont seem to be on the improvement path. Every release just seems to get worse and worse. Lockups, crashes, strange bugs, slow performance, you name it, ATI has it! These idiots know how to make the damn cards yet they need to hire some driver writers that know what the hell they are doing. This is getting insane, they cant code worth crap it seems and they keep releasing trash! ATI you guys suck, go hire some professional driver coders! Until then I shall continue to bitch at yous!

America Online
Take your dumbarse users off the already worm ridden internet, im sure you guys can feed these lamors that dont have a clue about anything your crappy content without letting them step foot on the internet! Because of you we have idiots that have a one track mind of cyber sex and wouldnt know an IP address from a civic one. Yes I dont have time or interest to talk to such illiterate trash! Oh what else, your pricing sucks, your treatment of Justin Frankell sucks, and most important of all, your whole buisness model of selling high priced dialup crap to idiots sucks. Time warner is another stupid company for agreeing on such a merger in the first place. Blah!

I wish this company would just go away! If it wasnt for the United States Government making Macrovision copy protection that is in all of todays VCR's and DVD players mandatory, this company would not be as big as it is today and they might of tanked long ago. No electronics company in the world would of paid Macrovision their costly royalties if they never had to, but they are forced to include the copy protection crap in their DVD's/VCR's. Not to mention all Macrovision is is just garbage injected into the video signal, its noticable and makes picture quality rather poor in most cases. Ever buy a DVD player and hook it up to an older tv by using a VCR to do it with? Ever get all pissed off because you couldnt figure out why your movies were so unwatchable? This is why, this piece of dung company that likes to make poor copy protection schemes to treat everyone like a criminal with. Let me put this straight, copy protection does not work, all it does is hurt the legitimate consumer! Nothing out there even to this day has been successfully protected via any form of copy protection. These idiots also make crappy software copy protection that contains malware and spyware. Cdilla/Safecast (CDildo) is another scheme that these idiots like to pollute in legitmate paidfor software. Turbotax anyone? Yeah, that contains Cdildo/Safecrap as well, this copy protection manages to write license information to your BOOT SECTOR! Now how damn crazy is that folks? Safe my damn arse! Do you feel good about buying software that writes to one of the most important spots on your hard disk? I sure as heck wouldnt. Its even worse when the Windows operating system allows this crap to even take place. Macrovision is also making useless copy protection schemes for cd audio. All people have to do to bypass it is hold down their shift key to prevent their spyware ridden trash from loading up when the CD is inserted into the cdrom drive. Instant violation of the useless US law, the DMCA! Many compatibilities arise from this as well, a Macrovision copy protected CD will not play in many devices because it contains so much error junk. But overall, thats a pretty good deal for Macrovision on VCR's and DVD players don't you think? A Government mandated Monopoly. Idiots!

Persona Communications
This is a lousey Canadian based cable outfit, probably one of the smallest ones out there. Their cable internet totally sucks arse. I have a story about these guys that really turns my stomache. Lets start off by saying they only let you transfer a combined total of 7GB per month! Yes, thats 7GB a month! Heck my system does at least 80 or 90gb a month on average right now! I dont like how they treat their customers either. These idiots terminated my service for running a proxy abuse scanner, (similar to the ones on IRC). There was no getting it back, and I had to live on dialup for pretty much near a year because of these rude idiots. Lets see, they charge 80 bucks to install their crap, 50 bucks a month for service, and then cripple it to the point where its basically useless except for the average joe who surfs and emails only. Oh and what else, if you pay 30 bucks more, you get 15gb a month instead of 7gb! Wow what an incredible deal that is! NOT! I'm incredibly suprised that these stupid cluebies didnt tank yet or go bankrupt! Ripoff artists!

This company resells cable internet for Persona, (above). A clueless outfit that has nothing better to do then harrass their users with threatening letters and other bullshit. I had alot of problems with these lamers when Persona terminated my cable internet. Things include portscanning me because I ran servers, overcharing my bank account causing many NFS fees I couldnt afford, and what else, lying to me about many aspects of the service, showing much hate due to the fact that they dont seem to like being outsmarted by users. They blamed me for violating terms of service and other stupid crap so they had an excuse to not turn my service back on. They still owed me like 30 bucks that they say they dont owe me because my service has been terminated. They ignored me often as well. One day I just got so angry and let it all go at them, then a day or so later I got a whole bunch of porn signups for gay porn and other porn crap, but one of those emails amazingly had the IP address of the server they used to sign my email addresses up with. Heres the kicker, it was the same hostname that they used to portscan me with! I really should of notified the authorities of these idiots, but later on I recieved an email back from them sucking up telling me they will figure out what happened since I caught them in the act redhanded. I never heard from them again haha. Anyhow, a year or so goes by, I been on DSL for months now, and I see these lamers trying to access my website from that same hostname they used to portscan me with. How ironic isnt it? I sent them an email bitching at them as to why they were still bothering me, yet I never even had their crappy service for over a year now. This was a nice while or so ago now, but anyways they ignored me so thats pretty much it. This is not a company to do business with unless your a clueless user like joeblow down the street. They hate people that have a brain it seems. This pesky outfit also runs their whole service using Microsoft software, another reason why they suck so bad I suppose. They havent got a clue.

More to come...

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