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10/03/18 - Susan
Susan, it is very dangerous to assume things, you see, you have to deal with that doubt knowing what
you believe could also possibly be false, but it doesn't matter what I tell you because you will just
believe whatever it is you want to believe however what I can say is for your sake I hope you make the
right choice because there will be a point that you will wonder if it was worth throwing away your
relationship with Ben over something that was completely fabricated. By all means believe what you want
but remember I live guilt free knowing the real truth and that my precious Mandy loved me till the very
end, but maybe you'd have figured that out sooner had you actually visted your sister just once in the
entire 11 years she has been living here in Canada and not just when it was time to say goodbye. You live
with all the guilt and regrets, not me. You lived the last several years jealous that Mandy escaped the UK
and had no obligations to care for her father because she lived overseas, that was obvious.

09/15/18 - Soukdary / Ree Kaenthongrath
Ree, just be lucky I actually give a shit, just. Meh. You're obviously not really who you claimed to be and
you aren't deserving of the family effort, but please don't be surprised if Ben wants to come find you someday
and he eventually does. I will leave it at that as grieving is hard enough as it is and you made it no easier.

03/10/17 - It's Alive?
Well its back, but there ain't much here. I'll probably post other stuff regarding my tinkering
with electronics and stuff when I get around to it. -Bren


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