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Here are the various Napster type related projects I have been involved with the last 5 years.

SpikeNAP is one of the ultimate all in one scripts for the TekNap client. There isnt many things that it cant do to make TekNap more fun to use and much more functional. I've started working on this script well over 2 years ago and it has came a very long way since those days. Here is the latest CHANGELOG file of the latest release. Older releases can be found here.

SpikeNAP v1.05 [2004/09/07]


OpenNap is an opensource version of the Napster/IRC-Chat daemon. OpenNap can share any filetype, unlike its Napster counterpart. The RIAA would love to shut OpenNap down entirly, but OpenNap still has a vast user audience. OpenNap isnt just a server, its a culture. Families of networks and friends gather in their chatrooms. Many people wouldnt even think about using anything else to fileshare, chat and serve. You can download the source code and windows binaries below. OpenNap-NG is an active developmental fork of OpenNap with intentions of keeping the current OpenNap trend alive.

OpenNap-NG-0.48 - source | win32

Example configuration files that are optimized for performace can be found below to help admins setup their servers.
config | block | filter

TekNap is a command line Napster client based on BitchX. It is used widely to admin opennap servers. TekNap has many features, including a powerful scripting language built off that of Epic/BitchX. Windows binaries and source code are available below. Windows users *should* download version 1.3g while *nix users should download version 1.4 or version 1.4u if compile problems with 1.4 happen on later distros with newer gcc 3.2.x and newer compilers. 1.4u also has a few bugfixes for opennap-ng related stuff and now as of May 10th compiles with the latest gcc 3.4.0 compiler. :P

TekNap-1.4u - source
TekNap-1.4 - source
TekNap-1.3g - source | cygwin
TekNapTS-2.00a - cygwin

TekNap Scripts
A large TekNap scripting repository from various authors is here. Some of these scripts can be pretty crude, so I am in no way responsible how you use them. To download these scripts, right click the filename and save as. Do not copy and paste them, as this will break some scripts.

Browse Scripts Directory

This file is a packed up zip archive that contains all the scripts in the above directory. Download this file if you want to get all of the teknap scripts.

Zip Archive

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